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We love you ‘Hou, we do!

An open love letter to the man called Nouhou.

Photo by Max Aquino/Edited in Snow

We don’t know how to begin. We’ve never really done something like this before. As such, we’ll start simply, with the only French we know:

Bonjour, Nouhou.

It’s a ride that’s only just beginning, and it’s already been a wild one. It seems like only yesterday we were in Tucson together. It was almost Valentine’s Day and you were vibrating up and down the left touchline, disappearing and reappearing in nonsensical ways.

Learn to love Sounders LB Nouhou

All aboard the Nouhou .

Posted by Sounder at Heart on Thursday, November 16, 2017

And now we’re here, on the cusp of an MLS Cup Final, together. You still have your nonsensical ways, and we still don’t fully trust you, but we do love you, unabashedly. And we have a feeling Chad Marshall would agree.

We love you for the bad things right along with the good things. The herky jerky way you run goes hand in hand with the glorious way you chew up ground. The awkward, misplayed headers are somehow right at home next to the unyielding defensive effort. And through all the muscle cramps, the joy. We see the joy, ‘Hou, and we love you for it.

Once you settle on a name for your train — whether it’s the Nouhou Choo Choo, or simply the ‘Houtrain — please know that we’ll be on board. And to the Sounder at Heart faithful: pack your bags, there’s plenty of room.

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