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Periodic Weekend Q & A

After taking over some new territory in my sales gig I finally have some time for soccer. Ask me anything.

Consider this a mix between a live question and answer post (use comments), some quick meanderings about the Sounders, and an Open Flavor Friday.

First the OFF

My favorite beer I don’t sell

Gutter Palate from No Boat Brewing

I bumped into them while on my sales route last Tuesday. It turns out their head brewer is a former manager of Lookout Landing. David S is also fan of Sounder at Heart. These are all things I like, but...

You should like them because they make great beer. Nestled into a warehouse on Snoqualmie Ridge I found a citra DIPA that blows my mind. It’s in that California style, so there isn’t much of a malt backbone (think Boneyard or Black Raven). Instead, this is full hop with bright high citrus notes, some tropics in the finish and clean. It’s great beer. You can get it there.

My favorite beers I sell

About three months ago I started working for Alpha Distributing.

There are a couple beers that I have discovered because of this gig.

Belching Beaver’s Peanut Butter Milk Stout is exactly what it says it is. Now, that may be intimidating, but I assure you that once you try it you will drink it again, and again, and again.

Bainbridge Brewing Wing Point Winter — this year they did it with a fir tree. I’m already a huge fan of malty beers (reds/scotch/winters), so this is in my wheelhouse. Bainbridge did well with the fir. It isn’t overpowering, instead a subtle supplement to what you love in a winter warmer.

Soccer Musings

  • MLS needs to get the November international break in-between the Conference Finals and MLS Cup. It’s been hard. Even my “don’t forget about the playoffs” series was hard to remember to do.
  • But it’s also good timing for a Sounders team that was too injured. We’ve watched the Sounders struggle through injuries in playoffs past. This year hasn’t been as bad. The long break is part of it.
  • I believe in roles, not positions. Playmakers can be withdrawn forwards, CAMs, wingers or even fullbacks these days. Stepping away from the space a player occupies into how they control that space and influence others helps understand this amazing game.
  • The USSF election is going to more chaotic before it gets less chaotic.
  • We are all lucky that Steve Zakuani chose Seattle to become his home. His tweets about Porter, his interviews with players like Clint Dempsey, and his presence in the community improve our understanding about soccer and life.

Ask me anything.

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