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ECS fills section with anti-fascist/anti-racist banners

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Two-poles are clearly a response to Sunday’s events.

SEATTLE — Just in case MLS had thought the matter had been settled when ECS members were forcibly removed from Sunday’s game for refusing to remove a “Anti-Fascist/Anti-Racist/Always Seattle” banner, the supporters group had a clear response on Thursday. In the 12th minute, the Brougham End was filled with two-poles carrying the same message as the one on the banner that caused so much consternation a few days prior.

MLS has still not issued any kind of statement explaining the league’s thinking as to why removing the sign was so important, although officials said at the time that the banner violated the league’s “no politics” policy. Sounders owners, however, put out a statement on Tuesday seemingly in support of the ECS message.

The ECS signs remained up for a couple minutes, as the group sang “Roll on Colombia,” a song written by the famously anti-fascist Woodie Guthrie. There appeared to be no effort to remove the signs.