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You no longer need reminders

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The Western Conference Finals finally start tonight

Wear our history crowned with a gold star
Web Community Tees

This community is unified by our love of the Seattle Sounders, our love of the Puget Sound. For 19 days we waited, struggling to remember that the MLS Cup Playoffs were still going.

For 19 days, the team trained, rested, scrimmaged.

Today, the wait is over.

Tonight, the team resumes its simple quest — to return to, and win, MLS Cup.

In talking to players it is clear they need no motivation. Head Coach Brian Schmetzer was confused by my continual probes into how to maintain focus through such a long break.

Every element of the organization is focused. Academy players helped the First Team train. S2 players helped the First Team train. The deep bench helped the XI train.

Tonight we wait no longer, but we watch from afar. Only a few hundred Sounders are in Houston for the match. They must be our voices.

But next Thursday... that’s when our Sound will be heard.

So today, as you go about the semi-normal workweek near Thanksgiving, do a few things for me, for the Sounders.

  • Wear a scarf with pride.
  • Wear a jersey, a team shirt, a supporters group shirt, or even one of ours.
  • Tell people about tonight’s game.
  • Invite them to next week’s 2nd leg.
  • Prepare to be the noise that haunts dreams.

This is our Sound. You will hear us.