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Sounders getting trolled before their biggest match of the year

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Or is the troll getting Soundered?

The Seattle waterfront as seen from West Seattle during the Conference Semifinals earlier this month.
Jane Gershovich / Sounders FC Communications

I’m sure it’s no surprise that the Sounders are getting trolled before their Conference Finals match this Thursday against the Houston Dynamo, but in this case, you’ve got to admit it’s pretty awesome. On Wednesday and Thursday (November 29 and 30), everyone’s favorite troll, the Fremont Troll, will be sporting a Troll-sized Sounders scarf and posing for photos with fans.

If you’re in the neighborhood, snap a pic and post it online with your favorite enthusiastic hashtag, and please, send a copy to @sounderatheart so we can live vicariously through you. Troll’s Knoll Park is located at 820 N 36th St. Hope to see you there.

Sounders PR staffer Kelly Schutz snapped this photo earlier today.

The Fremont Troll is no doubt the coolest local landmark to support the Sounders, but by no means the only. For the Conference Semifinals earlier this month (see photo above), the Great Wheel and Columbia Center both glowed Rave Green, and the Russell Investments Center lit up their west-facing office windows to form an 18-story “74” in support of the Sounders; they all plan on doing it again this week. Wednesday and Thursday night, these three structures (and the fans behind them) will once again pay tribute to, and root on, our Seattle Sounders.

Our home turf will get in on the action as well. CenturyLink Field will don Rave Green lights on Wednesday and Thursday, along with the SR 520 bridge. Even some museums are showing their support. The Seattle Art Museum’s Hammering Man will be cast in Rave Green leading up to the match, and the Museum of History & Industry is scheduled to light up South Lake Union's waterfront in Rave Green.

Even the Seattle Pacific University’s library is getting in on the action:

Would all this local support of the Sounders be complete without actually taking it to the Sound? Of course not. Over the next two days, all Washington State Ferries traveling into and out of Seattle's Coleman Dock will be proudly flying Sounders FC flags. Cue the Leviathan!

The Showbox is also scheduled to display Sounders messaging on its First Avenue marquee on Wednesday, encouraging the city to rally behind the club's fight toward back-to-back titles.

It is great to see so much support for the Sounders from such high-profile local businesses. With a tradition of record-setting attendance since they joined the league in 2009, it is no surprise that this community, made up of both businesses and individuals, is showing up in droves to support our Sounders.

I know this is highlighting the big guys, and it’s awesome to see the Sounders getting love on this scale, but we all know that this club is built from the grassroots up. Let us know in the comments which local businesses you know that passionately support our Sounders FC!