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Baldomero Toledo’s blown penalty call at least made a great meme

Twitter had a lot of fun at Toledo’s expense.

Photoshop by Max Aquino.

SEATTLE — Just about everyone who watched the replays of Jake Nerwinski’s tackle of Nouhou in Thursday’s Western Conference semifinal seemed to agree that it should have been a penalty. Stu Holden was adamant about it on the FS1 broadcast (and later that night). Simon Borg agreed on Even Twitter did something it never does, agree on a controversial call.

While the jersey tug started outside the box, it continued well into it, which by the Laws of the Game should be enough. But Nerwinski also takes out Nouhou, never even getting the ball.

Although referee Baldomero Toledo missed the call in real-time, he was given a reprieve to correct mistake on VAR. He opted not to do the right thing, though. Tragic as that could have been, Twitter made the most of it by converting the moment into a wonderful meme. We gathered some of our favorites.

Pop culture reference:

It stings, but fair:



The kicker, though, was this one:

Yes, that’s Sounder at Heart editor and founder Dave Clark struggling with a Sounder at Heart hoodie. Toledo can surely relate.