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Roman Torres will skip friendlies to train with Sounders

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This seems like very good news.

Roman Torres, Panama RODRIGO ARANGUA/AFP/Getty Images

SEATTLE — A few astute observers noticed that Roman Torres was the first Seattle Sounders player to get off the field and into the locker room following Thursday’s big win. It now appears we know why: Torres likely was in a rush to the airport in order to be present for for the 114th anniversary of Panama’s independence from Colombia.

As part of the ceremony, Torres was presented with a key to the city.

More importantly to Sounders fans was Torres telling reporters that he had received clearance to stay with the club, rather that go to Europe to play in Panama’s friendlies.

Translated, that reads: “No, I’m not going. I spoke with the profe (coach) and he gave me permission to stay and train with the club. And then play in the Conference Final.”

Torres was one of at least three Sounders to get international call-ups during the upcoming FIFA window. It’s unclear if Nicolas Lodeiro (Uruguay) will be required to report for the friendlies, but it seems likely that Gustav Svensson will join Sweden for it’s World Cup playoff against Italy. There’s no word on if Nouhou will be included in Cameroon’s roster for the World Cup qualifier against Zambia.