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Saturday’s reminder that Seattle Sounders are in Western Conference Finals again

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With leg one scheduled for November 21st you may forget about the playoffs

MLS: Western Conference Championship-Seattle Sounders at Colorado Rapids
Seattle took this trophy in 2016, and will be competing for it a fourth time in six years.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Making the Western Conference Finals is a signal for a pretty good year. The Seattle Sounders finished 2nd in the regular season and are now assured of at least a top two finish in the West’s playoffs. But, because MLS is MLS, the games are a long way off.

As of today their first game is 16 days away. That’s 16 days for you to forget about the playoffs and the Sounders. We’re here to make certain that doesn’t happen.

Today’s reminder that the Sounders are in the West Finals (another two-leg, aggregate-goal series with an away goal tie-breaking mechanism) is:

This is their second straight journey to the Western Conference Finals. It is their third trip in the last four years and their fourth trip since they joined MLS.

That first team back in 2012 included Osvaldo Alonso, Brad Evans and Bryan Meredith. In 2014 the team included Clint Dempsey, Brad Evans, Osvaldo Alonso, Aaron Kovar, Chad Marshall, Stefan Frei, and Lamar Neagle.

Now, neither Neagle nor Meredith were on the 2016 team that won MLS Cup after making the Western Conference Finals, but they are back now. A lot of the team is back. It’s easier to list the players on the 2017 Sounders who have not been to a Western Conference Finals: Victor Rodriguez, Gustav Svensson, Kelvin Leerdam, Will Bruin (he made the Eastern Conference Finals twice), Jordy Delem, Seyi Adekoya, Zach Mathers, Harry Shipp, Nouhou and Henry Wingo.

Like Will Bruin, Chad Marshall made an Eastern Conference Finals prior to being a Sounder. He won the MLS Cup in 2008 with the Columbus Crew.

The tl;dr version of today’s reminder: Seattle Sounders aren’t new to the Western Conference Finals, but they are most definitely back.