Schmetzer's Sporthaus is closing

After almost 43 years in business Schmetzer’s Sporthaus is closing its doors November 30th 2017.

Well we didn’t make it quite to 50 though it was close, but with the change in the retail and team uniform business we are no longer able to conduct business in the way the soccer community deserves and are forced to close our last remaining store in Seattle. We will be having a liquidation sale all month long starting Friday Nov 3rd to get rid of all our merchandise, store fixtures etc. The Schmetzer family could not have prospered for so long without the love and support of the local soccer community and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts but now it’s time to move on to a new chapter of life. Please come by and say goodbye, or hello and save on all of our remaining soccer gear cause it’s all gotta go.

We will have special hours during the month opening Wednesday to Friday 10am-7pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm and will be closed Monday’s and Tuesday. Once again, we would like to thank all of you for the past 43 years, it was quite a ride

Sad. Looks like the overall pressure on brick and mortar retail claimed another local community pillar.

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