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Seattle Sounders vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: Community player ratings form

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With Clint Dempsey back in the side, Sounders punch their ticket to the next round.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

In the second half of the second leg of the Western Conference Semis, the Seattle Sounders came alive. The first leg against the Vancouver Whitecaps had been spent keeping a clean sheet, setting themselves up for the return home. With a rested and motivated Clint Dempsey back in the side, the Sounders got loose.

Now it’s your turn to get loose. Rate your Sounders. Try to make sense of everything you witnessed Thursday night in that driving Seattle rain.

Note: Some readers are experiencing rendering issues with the form on this page, especially on iOS devices. Here is a direct link to the form, we hope that allows everyone to submit a response.

Here's the scale:

(Substitutes can be left blank if the player did not play enough to judge)

1 - not a pro (USL/NASL/MLS) quality performance

4 - average USL starter

6 - average MLS starter

9 - MLS All Star

10 - MLS MVP-quality performance