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Tuesday’s reminder that the Sounders are in Western Conference Finals again

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Leg one isn’t until November 21. We won’t let you forget about the playoffs.

MLS Western Conference Final, Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy: Photos Jane G Photography

Making the Western Conference Finals is a signal for a pretty good year. The Seattle Sounders finished 2nd in the regular season and are now assured of at least a top two finish in the West’s playoffs. But, because MLS is MLS, the games are a long way off. Leg one isn’t until November 21 (7:00 PM, FS1), with Leg two all the way on November 30 (7:30 PM, ESPN).

As of today, their first game is 14 days away. That’s 14 days for you to forget about the playoffs and the Sounders. We’re here to make certain that doesn’t happen.

Today’s reminder that the Sounders are in the West Finals against the Houston Dynamo (another two-leg, aggregate-goal series with an away goal tie-breaking mechanism) is:

Our traditions.

One more home game means one more chance to march.

It means one more chance to boom-boom-clap.

It means tifo.

Another home game is another chance to sing “Bluest Skies,” “Roll On Columbia,” and “Sounders ‘til I Die.”

We can chant together “Born in ‘74,” the call-and-response, and more.

We can watch a victory lap, stretching all the way back to the NASL.

We can receive a victory salute from the team to the fans.

These traditions, some merely a few years old, others with decades of history, are part of what make Seattle Sounders soccer special. It is why we connect in bars, pubs, parking lots, restaurants, and parks in downtown Seattle.

We gather together, ready to sound like thunder, to cheer for this brightest green and deep blue clad team. Gameday is a collection of friends in black, grey, green, blue and scattered colors of third kits that look like highlighters.

Matchday is when we are united with one clear thought — this team will not fail for a lack of support. It represents us, for it is us.

This is why you have plans for November 30th — tradition.