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Olympia brewery makes Clint Dempsey-themed beer, sells it in Portland, hilarity ensues

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The beer is called “Deuce Juice” because ... why not?


Three Magnets Brewing, a brewery based in Olympia, recently put out a beer called “Deuce Juice.” It’s a play on Clint Dempsey’s nickname and jersey number. It’s apparently a pretty decent IPA, too.

The rather hilarious nature of the name aside, this beer is perhaps more notable because of the reaction it got from Timbers fans, who were apparently quite displeased to find it being sold near Providence Park. Here’s what the brewery wrote on Reddit:

Oh...this has already caused a shitstorm in PDX. It ended up in a Timbers bar outside the stadium (not on purpose on our part) who purchased it from our distributor not knowing it was Sounders themed at the time. Story goes that Timbers Army threatened to boycott the bar. So they pulled the product and recorded this video a couple hours before the Timbers match:

Touché Timbers fans. We weren’t originally planning on sending Deuce Juice to PDX, but our distributor Alebriated Distribution (a PDX gem) said they had customers who’d want the beer. And also, we love you (in a non-soccer sort of way) very much (Oly shares a very rich music history with you, among many other things). And also y’all’s have been such great supporters of Three Magnets since the beginning. Much love to PDX, our home away from home (Olympia) away from home (Seattle). Congrats to the Timbers on winning the Cascadia Cup this year, and we’re sorry your season came to an end tonight - it would have been so great for our Sounders to meet you in the playoffs. Thanks PDX for your continued support, and we’ll see you next season when we try and snag that Cascadia Cup from you! No harm intended. Much respect. And much love. (GO SOUNDERS!)

Posted by Three Magnets Brewing Co. on Sunday, November 5, 2017

At the very least, it would appear that a very angry Timbers fan bought a can of this beer with the express purpose of smashing it on the sidewalk!

That this came out the same week that Dempsey scored a brace to put the Sounders through to the Western Conference finals while the Timbers were eliminated from the playoffs is almost too perfect. Cringeworthy name aside, this may be worth a try.

Apparently, the beer is available at most local bottle shops, if you’re interested in picking some up.