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Thursday’s reminder that the Sounders are in Western Conference Finals again

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Leg one isn’t until November 21. We won’t let you forget about the playoffs.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

Making the Western Conference Finals is a signal for a pretty good year. The Seattle Sounders finished 2nd in the regular season and are now assured of at least a top two finish in the West’s playoffs. But, because MLS is MLS, the games are a long way off. Leg one isn’t until November 21 (7:00 PM, FS1), with Leg two all the way on November 30 (7:30 PM, ESPN).

As of today, their first game is 12 days away. That’s 12 days for you to forget about the playoffs and the Sounders. We’re here to make certain that doesn’t happen*.

Today’s reminder that the Sounders are in the West Finals against the Houston Dynamo (another two-leg, aggregate-goal series with an away goal tie-breaking mechanism) is:

The kids.

Every Sounders fan knows about how DeAndre Yedlin and Jordan Morris are keys to the team’s success over the past several years, but they are not the only local products. This Academy has produced many, many talents. Some become United States National Team players and others are a pro for a year.

All are Sounders. All are us. All are indications of a system and intent to grow up from our neighborhoods into greatness.

They are Garfield, Fife, Thomas Jefferson. They are Mercer Island, Everett, Seattle. They are Washington, Stanford, Denver. They are the 206, the 253, the 425, the 360.

Even when they leave, they are Sounders.

Our kids take the Rave Green with them forever. It is theirs when they win the USL MVP. It is theirs when they wear the Red & White of Canada. It is theirs when they play at St. James Park.

Sure, many will be footnotes in the stories we tell. Development isn’t science, and it is an imperfect art. But for the kids down at S2, they will watch these playoffs knowing that a local son became coach, a local son became the starting forward, a local son became the favored goal threat off the bench, local sons are in the 18.

These local soccer players know that they are attempting to be professionals at a team where even excellence can be considered failure. They bear the burden of family hopes, neighborhood dreams and a region where the Western Conference Finals is the minimum.

Our kids, they’re alright.

On the 21st you can raise your voice and your glass to the current crop of MLS Sounders who are Duwamish Sown:

  • Seyi Adekoya
  • Aaron Kovar
  • Jordan Morris
  • Lamar Neagle
  • Henry Wingo

The list of Seattle’s Own scattered throughout pro soccer with ties to the Sounders is even longer.

Our dreamers, our heroes, our champions all want one more Cup, and then more.

This is why you have plans for November 21 and 30 — our kids.

*You probably forgot about the playoffs yesterday. Sorry about that.