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December Q&A

I have no party. Ask me questions.

Watercolor of leviathan shadow MLS Watercolorist

I’m going to do a monthly Q&A/AMA during the offseason. It will fall on a weekend when I don’t have plans, which means this weekend in December, because well, it’s not the weekend of Christmas.

November’s Q&A is here.

Open Flavor Friday

which we’re bringing back with funky stuff from all of us at SaH.

My favorite beer I don’t sell, at this time

Black Raven’s Splinters Bourbon Strong Scotch Ale

I had this at Thirsty Hop up in Kirkland in a small tulip glass. This is the type of beer you drink in a huge leather chair while reading your huge leather bound book in front of a fire with real wood with a dog curled around your feet and a cat on your lap.

It is thick, sweet and fills your senses with Charles Dickens. It evokes a time and place that are not part of our normal reality. Find it, enjoy it.

My favorite beers I sell, at this time

I love a Royale Brewing Fat Unicorn Pale Ale or Inspektor Red Ale while eating. Royale gives one of the cleanest finishes I’ve encountered in tasting beer, which can be perfect with a great meal. Fat Unicorn is dry hopped so the nose is like an IPA without the potency or bitterness in flavor. Inspektor Red is a red for people who love the flavors of malts without wanting something big and sweet.

Big Bad Baptist from Epic is about to be back in the area. I grabbed a bottle to enjoy during tonight’s Q&A. This Imperial Stout has cocoa nib and coffee adjuncts, is aged in whiskey barrels and is a rare find. It will re-enter the market shortly and limited quantities are available now.

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage for the season

Find your favorite apple juice/cider and pour a generous amount into a pot. Add a couple cinnamon sticks, some ground nutmeg, ground cloves and a bit of lemon juice. Take to a boil and then simmer for about 25 minutes. Your house now smells amazing. Use a ladle to serve about 6 ounces at a time.

Soccer thoughts

  • Adding a left back who isn’t amazing disappoints me a tiny bit because I still dream of Ali Adnan or Ehsan Hajsafi. It’s still a decent move if Seattle isn’t going to dump TAM/DP money into a left back/left wing type.
  • I’m glad Aaron Kovar is still on the team. Please find a way to convert him to fullback. He has everything Sounders need there, plus he’s not in the right wing/left wing rotation.
  • There’s a lot of space in the Depth Chart right now, but only a single international slot. Look for Garth to acquire one more international spot, somehow. The S2 information is sparse right now. I’m expecting official announcements on returning players on USL contracts soon. For now the Depth Chart merely shows the direct-to-USL Academy signings.
  • I’m still working on BMO of Annihilation/Horrors. It’s going to be a season review.
  • We’ll have our regular Defensive/Offensive Player of Year votes, our tiered Moment of Year voting and the Rankinator as well as player profiles with myself and Realio. Last year’s MVP via the Rankinator was Osvaldo Alonso.

Ask me anything.

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