What's great about the 2018 Sounders going into the New Year

* 2016 MLS Cup and 2017 MLS Cup runners-up team only one other team can say that (Toronto). The rest are still looking for pieces to their puzzles to try and either make the playoffs or even to get to the MLS Cup. Most of the Sounders coming back to 2018 knows what it takes to do be successful and get to MLS Cup.

* Perpetual under dogs because the Sounders don't play in the big media markets, such as LA and NYC, the so-called experts are usually ignoring the Sounders. In fact if you watched and listened to last season's pundits they either loved Portland or Vancouver. Not Seattle and often times got ignored all together. Yet (again) the Sounders marched through the playoffs into the MLS Cup final while the "favorites" with the big names (such as NYCFC and Chicago) fall flat on their faces.

* Solid (and veteran) players what makes the Sounders so good is the quality that they show on the field. Every spot in the rotation is held by veteran guys who know how to get it done. But there is always a talented guy on the bench ready to come in and play just as well. If someone can't play then we have a deep enough bench to overcome any deficiencies. It is not always perfect but it means that the team doesn't have any big holes to fill going into 2018.

Management has now gotten the Sounders to the point that if we lose someone then they can sign someone that is going to be even better to take over that person's spot. So if they keep that going then the Sounders will enjoy years of domination of the league and expect more MLS Cups to fill the club's treasure chest.

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