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Playing hooky for MLS Cup? Brad Evans has you covered

He wrote a note you can give your boss/spouse.

Getting to Toronto from Seattle is no easy task, especially on relatively short notice. There’s booking a flight, finding a place to sleep and, most likely, getting off from work. The Seattle Sounders want to at least help with that last part.

Just like they did last year, they’ve prepared a letter that will allow you to fill in your name and formally request the day off. That it’s personally signed by Brad Evans has to help, right?

As Evans notes, if you have the resources to get yourself to Toronto, it’s basically your boss’s civic duty to give you the time off to attend. (I suppose you could try to give this to your spouse as well, but it might not go over quite as smoothly.) This is not just the Sounders’ cup that they are defending, after all, it’s all of ours. And as anyone who attended last year’s game can attest, the Sounders will need every ounce of support you can provide.

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