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Legendary Seattle mountaineer back to help finish what we started 9 months ago

Jim Whittaker reminds us “The Summit Awaits.”

Back in March, the Seattle Sounders put out a hype video previewing the season. It was narrated by legendary Seattle mountaineer Jim Whittaker in which he spoke about how reaching the summit only serves to increase your desire to do it again. Any sentient being should get chills watching it.

As the Sounders now find themselves in the final stretch of reaching that summit again, they brought back Whittaker to narrate another spine-tingling hype video.

Some of the choice lines:

“They’ve led you here to stare at that peak, again, but this time not with awe, but with expectation because you’ve been here before.”

“You set out to conquer the mountain, but in the end you conquer yourself.”

“You stop to enjoy the view but never stop climbing.”

“Look to that summit again, respect its challenge and embrace it. You’ll never forget that first trip, but the view never gets old. So let’s start climbing, the summit awaits.”

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