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“It takes a city”

Latest official hype video features Sounders across generations.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

Our history includes legends. They walk with us, talk to us, they are us. America’s greatest keeper is one of us. A Congo-London-Akron-Seattle native who pops into local soccer bars unannounced is one of us. A beautiful left foot is one of us. Newcastle’s hope is one of us. The Lion of Paraguay is one of us. The soccer voice for a nation is one of us. Our keeper is one of us.

Our coach, our friend, our neighbor, our father — one of us.

These are some of the voices of the three generations of Seattle Sounders. They are the voices to get you ready for Saturday’s MLS Cup.

It matters not when someone becomes a Sounder.

When you travel, when you gather, when you sit on your own; when you listen on a radio, follow on social media, comment on Sounder at Heart; when you carry your scarf, wear your green/blue/black, when you insist that the channel changes; when you march, when you boom-boom-clap, when you believe; you are one of us.

Those of you in Toronto at BMO Field, I have a request — I need you to be our voice. Many of us cannot be there. Those of you watching from afar, you must believe, for that’s all we have.

Those of you on the field, I say this — thank you for being a Sounder, “your destiny is a dynasty.”

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