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We deciphered Fredy Montero’s first interview as a Whitecap

His mouth may have been saying one thing, but his heart was saying another.

Fredy Montero loves Seattle, there’s no question about that. He married a local woman, moved his family here and even continues to own a home in Bellevue. In the past, he’s indicated that he’d like to play for the Seattle Sounders again, someday.

We don’t know for sure that he’d have preferred to be here instead of with the Vancouver Whitecaps, but a reasonable person can come to that conclusion.

During his first public interview with the Whitecaps, Montero did his best to put his best foot forward. He talked about how badly he wanted to return to MLS and how much respect he had for the Whitecaps organization. He spoke highly of the young, attacking talent on the roster and expressed a desire to get on the field as soon as reasonably possible.

But we know Fredy as well as anyone, and we think we sensed a code in his language. This was our attempt to decipher it.

On his first impressions of the team:

“It feels really good, I’m happy to be here.”

What he meant: “I’m glad I’m back in the Pacific NorthWest, but let’s be honest, I wanted to be in Seattle.”

On if he knows anyone on the team:

“It’s too soon, I’m just getting into the names. Maybe I recognize more faces.”

What he meant: “Does a man remember the faces or names of the bugs he crushes?”

On returning to MLS:

“I really liked MLS, I had a good time here and I had good memories.”

What he meant: None needed. Of course he loved MLS, he was in Seattle.

On the role Mauro Rosales played in bringing him to Vancouver:

“He’s my good friend, he’s the kind of guy you want to keep in your contacts. It’s fun to play with him and spend time with him. He told me a lot of good stuff about Vancouver. I wish he was on the team.”

What he meant: “You have no idea how badly I wish Mau was still here.”

His message to fans:

“I’m happy to be here and I promise to do my best.”

What he meant: “I am being held hostage. Please send help. Let Brad know that I didn’t mean it.”

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