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Highlights of the Brad Evans-Chad Marshall Facebook chat

Sounders teammates got together to help Facebook celebrate “Friends Day.”

By now, you probably are aware that Brad Evans and Chad Marshall are good friends. Their relationship goes back to their days with the U20 national team and when they were teammates with the Columbus Crew.

They’ve been reunited in Seattle since 2014, but this is actually the first time since the 2009 Gold Cup that they’ve both been called into the senior national team at the same time.

To mark their friendship and help Facebook celebrate “Friends Day” they did a joint Live session together. We collected some of the highlights.

We're #LiveWithFriends Chad Marshall and Brad Evans to celebrate #FriendsDay. Happy Birthday Facebook!

Posted by U.S. Soccer on Thursday, February 2, 2017
  • On winning two championships together (in 2008 with the Crew and 2016 with the Sounders): “That’s what friends do, they win championships,” Evans said.
  • They both have dogs, and they get along well.
  • On their impressions of Nashville: “Impressed by what we’ve seen so far. One good thing about playing in a smaller town is that everyone knows what’s going on.” - Evans
  • On the beep test: Neither is a fan. “Once I get 200 pounds-plus going one way, I don’t like to go the other way.” - Marshall
  • On how badly Jordan Morris is missing Cristian Roldan: “It’s ridiculous, he’s in denial right now. Jordan doesn’t hang out with Chad or I in Seattle ever, but he’s hanging out with us quite a bit here so that’s how we know he’s missing Cristian. A lot. He’s like forcing himself to talk to other humans. It’s been good for Jordan to break him away from his twin.” - Evans
  • On what they’ll do when they retire from soccer: Neither seems to think they are very qualified for the real world. “If you need someone to file papers or pick up Jimmy Johns, we’re both very qualified to do that. But other than that we’re not really good at anything. We’re screwed.” - Evans
  • They agreed that Evans is definitely the better cook. Evans added some emphasis by doing his best “salt bae” impression.
  • Marshall apparently likes to wear flip-flops when he golfs. “I feel like the less you care, the better you do,” Marshall said. Evans sarcastically replied, “That’s what the pros all say. Golf Digest: ‘The less your care, but the better you do.’”
  • On who has the worst taste in music on the Sounders: They both agreed it was Victor Mansaray, without question. “Stop playing your music in our locker room. If I never have to hear it again, I’ll be happy.” - Evans
  • Marshall and Evans worked on laying actual hard-wood floors in Marshall’s first home back in 2007. “That’s why we have back problems now,” Evans joked.
  • Evans said he’s rooting for the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, while Marshall picked the New England Patriots to win. They bet “2,000 pennies” or “their normal bet.”
  • When asked if they would rather beat the Galaxy or Portland Timbers, Evans said “Portland, no question. It’s night and day.” Marshall said he did enjoy beating the Galaxy too, though.
  • Evans on his likely move to right back: “I feel good about the switch to right back, potentially. I haven’t really had many conversations for sure. I would assume that’s the natural switch. So we’ll switch positions again, and again, and again, and again…”
  • They both agreed that they’d like to see the other one score in Friday’s friendly against Jamaica.

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