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This Seattle city flag-inspired kit is glorious

Can’t imagine it would be allowed, but it would be pretty awesome.

The newest Seattle Sounders kit is scheduled to drop on Thursday. But while you wait for that, allow yourself to bask in the glory of these fantasy kits designed by Reddit user davidbrent. Pay particularly close attention to the third one...

David Swartout/Reddit

.While the primary and secondary kits are attractive in their own ways, the Seattle city flag-inspired one is something special. It’s not exactly groundbreaking to use a flag as inspiration — the Chicago Fire and Colorado Rapids are using their city and state flags, respectively — but this is a different take.

You’ll likely notice that the Sounders crest has been replaced by the city crest, most notably. There’s also the interlocking waves slithering through the upper body that gives this kit a unique look. Now, there’s a roughly 0 percent chance MLS — or maybe even FIFA — would allow for something like this to actually be used, but it as far as fantasy kits go, this is something I’ve yet to see anyone try.

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