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Major Link Soccer: Pie Scandal hits FA Cup

The Roly Poly Goalie ate a pie, Schmetzer has a burden to bare, and Goals of the Week.

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Seattle Sounder coach Brian Schmetzer has a burden to bear, repeating last year's unbelievable run.  As good as the storybook ending of last season was, now can you take a younger team and do it again.

The Zach Scott testimonial squads have been set. Now we hear from Scott about his desire to give back, and donate to pediatric cancer research.

U.S. Soccer

Juan Agudelo was surprised by Bruce Arena and his professionalism. In the January camp Agudelo received his first cap in over six years. Will he be part of the team in March is the question.

American soccer's next major battle will be waged in Big Media. This is the next battlefield for soccer's ascendancy, the next relevant barometer of widspread acceptance that, as yet, doesn't seem to have begun to register.

World Soccer

If you're a fan of goals and end to end action then yesterday's UEFA Champions League game between Manchester City and Monaco is for you.

Piegate has hit the web. Wayne Shaw, aka "The Roly Poly Goalie", was seen at halftime in the bar mixing it up with the fans, then was caught on camera eating a pie, and someone made some quick cash. What are we to expect from Non-League soccer players?

Russia has hired former Chelsea midfielder Alexei Smertin. Smertin will take charge of the Russian FA's attempts at combating racism and discrimination in Russian soccer.

Johan Alexis Ramirez is known as "Angel Boy" for his efforts in helping guide rescuers to the Chapecoense plane crash. Fellow Colombian James Rodriguez decided to do something for the boy and his heroic efforts.

Players, coaches, and teams are used to being booed while on the pitch. One coach seems to like it so much that he has made a unique request upon his passing.

A Cambodian defender made the ultimate sacrifice for his team and gave up the crown jewels to save a goal.

Major League Soccer

Thirty-six year-old Pa-Modou Kah announced his retirement Tuesday. The former center-back will retire from the Vancouver Whitecaps and take up a coaching position within the club.

Patrick Mullins has signed a new contract with DC United. The former University of Maryland forward has played for three teams in his four year MLS career.

Goals of the Week: A Rocket Volley, A Rabona, and Two for the price of one!

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