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Celine Dion finally reacts to infamous butt tattoo

She was left effectively speechless.

It has now been a little more than a month since the “Celine Dion butt tattoo” beat was effectively created when Sounders fan Matt Oak declared his intention to come good on a bet he made in the offseason. I think — THINK — this is the final installment.

That’s because Dion herself has now reacted. Access Hollywood, predictably, is the outlet who got the scoop, asking the world-famous singer what she thought of what has to be one of the strangest depictions of her visage she’s ever seen.

While acknowledging many fans have shown her vaguely similar tattoos over the years, Dion was still a bit dumbstruck when asked to react.

“I mean,” Dion says before taking a long pause. The reporter then says “speechless,” finally breaking her out from her silence, “Thank you for helping me.”

This seems like a good time to also clarify a part of this story that has become a bit of an urban legend, that Oak “lost” a bet that led us all down this path. Most stories have focused on the part where Oak promised to get the tattoo if the Sounders won a trophy last year. What they have mostly failed to recognize is that Oak’s previous tweet says he was merely looking for an excuse to get an “amazing Celine Dion ass tattoo.”

So, let the record show that while Oak may be an idiot — a description he’s told me is apt — he is not a loser.

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