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Watch Sounders rookie destroy some hapless defender’s career

Henry Wingo scored another nice goal.

This has been a pretty underwhelming preseason for the Seattle Sounders, at least when it has come to on-field highlights. One of the exceptions has been Homegrown Player Henry Wingo. No player has provided more “aha” moments than Wingo, with his latest coming in Sunday’s scrimmage against the College of Charleston.

What Wingo does to that defender is just not right. Wingo’s cutback is, admittedly, a bit heavy but it’s still sharp enough to take his defender off his feet and out of the play. Wingo then has time to pick up the ball and pick out his spot, sending his shot between a pair of defenders and into the side of the net. The goalkeeper is beaten so bad that he barely even moves.

To be fair, Charleston is out of season, aren’t exactly a powerhouse and it’s unlikely Wingo will have that kind of space against MLS defenders. Still! If there’s a player who’s gotten my attention over the past few weeks, it’s Wingo and I’m expecting we’ll see a lot more of him going forward.

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