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Your 2017 SaH contributor squad

And their favorite goals.

As a new season begins, the Sounder at Heart team is ready and as excited as you are to see the Seattle Sounders take the pitch again as defending champions! As such, here is an introduction to our team by way of our favorite goals that we’ve ever witnessed in person. We’ve listed our role within SaH and some chose to share Twitter handles and personal information, too.

So, take a few minutes and watch some of these glorious moments in Sounders and Reign history, learn a bit about your SaH family, and get good and hyped for 2017.

March 28, 2009 - Qwest Field, Seattle - Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake

Chris Tobin (Weekly MLS, USA and other national team gamethreads): While Fredy Montero scored two goals in the MLS opener, this goal in the Sounders second ever game was the first time Fredy scored what would universally be considered a golazo. Montero makes Nick Rimando look silly with how much the ball moves. On an interesting side note, the attendance for this game is still the least for any MLS home game in the Sounders history at 28,458.

I write gamethreads for Sounder at Heart, cover USA teams, big tournaments, and weekly news for MLS.  @C_Tobin is me.

October 4, 2011 - Century Link Field, Seattle - Sounders vs. Chicago Fire

Dave Clark (Founder): It iced a championship game in front of a home crowd, plus it wasn't the "right" thing to do. Ozzie probably wanted to dribble to the corner and kill clock, but the Fire wouldn't let him do that, so he scored. It's what the kids call savage.

I founded Sounder at Heart in 2008 as I saw a need to combine passion, analysis, and news coverage of the soon-to-be MLS side. Much of what Sounder at Heart became is due to my background in sports radio where the concept of non-bias doesn't exist (and also Jeremiah, he had a lot to do with it too). I embrace my love of this team and region. You can follow me on Twitter (@bedirthan) where I also talk about DnD, flavor, and Jon Ryan.

May 2, 2012 - CenturyLink Field, Seattle - Sounders vs. LA Galaxy

Chris Blakely (News): It was Fredy's first goal of the season, ended a long goal-less drought and it came against the Galaxy, what else can be said? I just loved the fact that once he noticed the defenders were giving him space, he took a chance and struck it so well. Not a bad birthday present for Michael Gspurning, who didn't even play in this game.

Aaron Campeau (Co-host Nos Audietis): A 30-yard thunderbastard from my favorite ever Sounder against my least favorite team is as close to a slam-dunk answer to this question as is possible.

Mike Standish (Sports business): It's obviously difficult to pick a favorite, but I'm going with the Montero long-distance rocket against the Galaxy from 2012 because this was my first year as a season ticket holder, and I'll always have a fondness for that roster. The goal itself is pretty damn incredible, of course. My view of it at the game wasn't as good as this clip, but watching it now, the way the ball moves through the air ... it's like it's continually accelerating right up until it hits net. And then he hugs Ozzie during the celebration. Plus, it's against the Galaxy, which, for me ... look, I hate them more than I hate the Timbers. Maybe that's heresy, but I don't care. The Galaxy are the worst, and this goal was very satisfying.

Sept. 15, 2012 - Jeld-Wen Field, Portland - Sounders at Portland Timbers

Ethan Swenson (Hype, gifs): While not my actual favorite goal (I'm sure the main ones will be chosen by others), this goal was one of those that just left you shocked and awed. Given the location and the opponent, I think it makes this all that much sweeter.

Hi, I'm Ethan. You may remember me from Choose Your Own Adventures, Infrequently Asked Questions, Aftermatch Aftermath, Joe Nasco - Goalie Cop, or the creator of SHAM (Sounder at Heart Allocation Money). I'm probably the most modest person you'll ever meet, a fact that fills me with such great pride that I tell practically everybody I know. The fictional character I most closely identify with is Roy Batty, from Blade Runner, played by Rutger Hauer.

November 8, 2012 - Rio Tinto Stadium, Sandy - Sounders at Real Salt Lake

Realio (Ratings, Player Profiles): This was the first time we ever made it to the Western Finals. Mario Martinez's only goal as a Sounder. Its the 80th minute of a two-leg final away tied 0-0. Rimando was absolutely insane that series. If you wanted to know if this meant something, look at Evans reaction at the bottom of the screenhis legs stop working.

I am a computer engineer working on designing mobile satellite antennas. Check my twitter @wilcox4u if you love sarcastic soccer and parenting commentary

March 12, 2013 - CenturyLink Field, Seattle - Sounders vs. Tigres

Andrew Beck (News): The Sounders were about to lose to a Mexican team in CCL once again. Even though Yedlin had scored, they were still down by two goals with only about 30 minutes to play. When the ball found it's way to Traore, it was like it was in slow motion. You could see he was going to shoot, and every part of you wanted to scream "NOOO." But then he unleashed a rocket and everyone went crazy. It's still amazing that it was just his third professional goal.

May 17, 2014 - CenturyLink Field, Seattle - Sounders vs. San Jose Earthquakes

Ryan Cowper (Tactical Analysis): I sit in section 138 with clear view straight down the line of Martins shot. The sheer audacity of Martins shot was compounded by the incredulity of watching the ball hit that weird high angle and then dive straight into far side of the goal.

Scott Burbidge (S2): I was like, "Wait ... What?"

I like soccer. My twitter is @slippish. I'm trying to become a nurse.

August 24, 2014 - Downtown baseball stadium/Providence Park, Portland - Sounders at Portland Timbers

likkitp (Hype videos, NA Producer) : Oba magic feet dribbling through Portland's defense was amazing. When he somehow went through two or three of their defenders and still had the ball my jaw hit the floor.

Jeremiah Oshan (Managing Editor, Manager SB Nation Soccer): Believe it or not, it's the sound of the ball hitting the back of the net with a loud thud that makes this one feel special. I was in the press box, and while I know it's impossible that I heard it live, the goal just felt so big and so important. Plus, I loved Brad absolutely skinning new signing Liam Ridgewell.

I joined Sounder at Heart in the preseason ahead of 2010. I had recently moved to Seattle and was sort of looking for a way to connect with my new community. The Sounders were that connection. My life has since become almost entirely intertwined with the Sounders, which is very much how I ended up the job I now enjoy with SB Nation. I can’t thank Dave or the community enough for allowing me to be part of this.

September 16, 2014 - PPL Park, Chester - Sounders at Philadelphia Union

Jacob Sweeney-Samuelson (Editor, Links, Game coverage): Soon after I fell for the Sounders, I moved away from Seattle, landing in New York City a few years later. Now my chances to see the Sounders live are rare but special, and I have learned the joy of traveling with a band of away supporters to enemy territory to cheer on the Rave Green from a little corner of someone else's stadium. For the USOC final in 2014, I joined a group on a chartered bus from New York to Philly, and witnessed a thrilling nail-biter of an extra-time victory. This go-ahead goal was beautifully executed, it was one of the few times I saw Obafemi and Deuce magic in person, and it was a trophy-winner. But it tops my list for just being the highlight of one of my best experiences as a fan.

I’m a Seattleite at Heart living on the East Coast, freelancing writing, video production and editing. I love to cook, eat and watch soccer, often simultaneously. It’s truly great to be a part of the site that turned me from a casual Sounders fan to an MLS obsessive. I’m not a prolific tweeter, but you can find me @JacobSSamuelson.

October 25, 2014 - CenturyLink Field, Seattle - Sounders vs. LA Galaxy

Spenser Davis (Beat Reporter): Before it was my job to report on the Sounders, I was just another soccer fan that had moved to Seattle and enjoyed going to a game once in awhile. But as the Sounders made a deep run in 2014, I made sure to snag a few tickets late in the season as the team looked set to compete for the Supporters Shield. Even though the Sounders had already scored a winner, Pappa's second Shield-clinching goal against the daunting Galaxy was epic enough to make me go and get a half-season ticket package in 2015. The rest is history.

I'm a freelance writer published at Vice, Atlas Obscura, Howler, FourFourTwo, and more. I'm a Texas native, TCU graduate, and Liverpool fan.

August 6, 2015 - BC Place, Vancouver - Sounders at Vancouver Whitecaps

Jacob Landsberg (Links, MLS Standings): Lamar Neagle scored a good, not great goal. What makes it special is that it is the only away game I've attended and it was Seattle's only goal. Oh, and that it broke a scoreless streak of a little more than 400 minutes. Andy Rose assisted and I miss him.

I love the Sounders. I love the Sounder at Heart community. I also love puns and being bitterly sarcastic. I write stuff sometimes because if I'm stuck listening to my thoughts, others should be, too. For all the things that are 140 characters or less I've got a twitter, @jhlands.

August 29, 2015 - Memorial Stadium, Seattle - Seattle Reign vs. Sky Blue FC

Reign Goal gif
Kim Little to Jess Fishlock

Susie Rantz (Editor in Chief Ride of the Valkyries): In the final home game of the 2015 season, Seattle Reign FC was down 1-0 to Sky Blue, and the torrential rain was coming down hard and sideways. In the 90th minute with a 22-game home undefeated streak on the line Kim Little's perfect cross found Jess Fishlock's head. The crowd had thinned out due to the weather, but it might have been the loudest goal celebration I've heard at Memorial Stadium.

I love soccer about as much as I love my two rescue dogs. After attending the Women's World Cup final in 1999, soccer became "my sport." While I love to follow and cover both professional soccer teams in Seattle, I'm keenly interested in covering women's soccer in new, compelling ways. Got ideas? Please send them my way: @susierants on Twitter.

Sept. 19, 2015 - BC Place, Vancouver - Sounders at Vancouver Whitecaps

agtk (Editor, MLS Fantasy guru): The Sounders went north to face the then Supporters Shield-leading Whitecaps, delivering a dominating performance with a 3-0 road win, earning the Sounders the Cascadia Cup. Pineda, a favorite player of mine, scored a beautiful shot from the top of the box, then came over to the Sounders section full of pride for his team, kissing the badge and making a heart with his hands he was showing he is a true Sounder at Heart. It was a fun trip and an epic game, with Pineda's goal and celebration seared into my memory.

You can find me @agtk on Twitter, where I tweet about sports, politics, and science (and sometimes two or three at the same time!). I'm mostly an occasional editor these days, but you might see my byline on fantasy or random stories here and there. Pleased to have you around, Constant Reader.

Oct. 27, 2016 - Century Link Field, Seattle - Sounders vs. Sporting Kansas City

Bread (Snapchat, Instagram): I was joking with a friend the whole game that it was going to be Nelson's night. I was in the front row of 122 when he scored and the looks on the faces of the boys were priceless. It also helped us win MLS Cup, so that's cool too.

Sidereal (Editor-in-Chief Ride of the Valkyries): My two favorite players last season teamed up to deliver the goal that won a playoff knockout match in which we were being badly outplayed for most of the game. The fact that it was another late winner against Sporks was just icing on the cake.

Dec. 10, 2016 - BMO Field, Toronto - Sounders at MLS Cup

MLS Watercolorist: It was freezing. They were tired. We were tired. PKs were tied after each team’s first five went. Things were looking and feeling bleak. Up in the sky, the traveling support family of 2,000 strong took their jackets off and clutched each other, bracing. BUT THEN. Morrow straight up embarrasses himself by hitting the woodwork and missing. HOPE. Román Torres of all people steps up. Before the camera can even prepare for the shot, he takes a few steps and buries it. PANDEMONIUM. We hugged/cried/screamed/fell/laughed/etc. Pure joy. It’s still here.

I'm a Sounders supporter and artist who likes sports, social media, coffee, and champagne. I do much more drawing and painting than writing when it comes to Sounder at Heart, but I love being part of this community. Find me on twitter @MLSwatercolors.


Meet even more SaH/RoValks contributors

SounderJunkie (Links): I spent so much of my time on Sounder at Heart and reading soccer news that I figured I might as well put the two together and contribute some links. In particular, I'll post links about US Soccer and MLS, because I don't actively follow any European teams or leagues. I strongly dislike unbalanced leagues and pro/rel.

Jacob Cristobal (Reign): I like soccer. I like wrestling. I tweet about both things at @jacobcristobal so plan accordingly.

Ricky Varwig (Stars/U23s): Needs people to go to Tacoma Stars and Sounders U23 games.

Nimajneb (analytics): Researcher in the ecology of microorganisms and (occasionally) soccer players. @NimajnebKH

sierralandholm (News): Swam competitively for eight years, went to the 2012 Paralympic trials and placed first in the 1500M freestyle.

RJ Allen (Reign): RJ is a New Yorker with a love of coffee that could rival any Seattleite. She likes to write about soccer as much as she likes to drink coffee. She likes to call herself the Official Goalkeeping correspondent because if she's going to talk about it this much she might as well get a title out of it. You can find her on Twitter @CaptainWoSo and also at

We have other contributors as well. They are photogs, editors, social media experts, video magicians, writers, editors, and more.

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