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Seattle Sounders and Coca-Cola celebrate MLS Cup 2016

I’d like to buy the world a Coke, too

Sponsorship can feel inauthentic at times. But there are times when the right sponsor can make you feel like your sports team is something. A Coke sponsorship feels like something. This is the sponsor of the NBA, NASCAR, the NCAA, American Idol, the Olympics, and just about every other big time thing in the country, it seems like. Coke is America (so is Pepsi, but they didn’t sponsor the Sounders). It is beautiful, for everyone.

This is the big time. This is what MLS Cup winners get. It reminds me of a song from my youth. It is a song of friendship and power.

On a hilltop in Seattle
We assembled young people
From all over the Sound
To bring you this message from Sounders FC
All over the region
It's the real thing - the MLS Cup
They sang...

I'd like to teach the CLink to sing (Sing with me)
In perfect harmony (in any harmony)
I'd like to buy Seattle a Coke
And keep it company (That's the real thing)
I'd like to teach the CLink to sing (What the Sound wants today)
In perfect harmony (Perfect harmony)
And I'd like to buy the Clink a Coke

The Sounders are only teasing when their MLS Cup winning Coke will be available. But when it is I’ll buy you one.

We’re the holders of the MLS Cup. Cup winners get special sponsors.

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