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Major Link Soccer: The state of the HGP

MLS is encouraging HGPs and 2017 is shaping up to be a fun year. Also some fun things about USMNT players and their Euro sides.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images


Sporting Kansas City had two major fan blogs, but now they have just one as Down the Byline is retiring (though, they'll be joining The Blue Testament as a writer).

MLS announced some new rules, largely around how you can use TAM and two additional HGP roster spots. RSL Soapbox has a great breakdown about the new rules.

Speaking of homegrown players, the league is pushing teams to bring in more and more HGPs. With 2017 having it's fair share of potential, what should we see from this year's homegrowns?

Yesterday had ESPN's power rankings, naming the Rave Green as the top side, and today MLS has put out their list. Spoiler alert, Sounders are ranked in a familiar position.

Fake news, like fake rumors, spreads quickly. Fire fans learned this with a tweet about their owner's political donations -- here's how Hot Time in Old Town quickly calmed that fire.

Here's your daily reminder that the Sounders won the MLS Cup. Oh and other trophies in our MLS history because #HellaGreedy.

US Soccer

There has always been a strong debate surrounding whether USMNT players should aim for Europe. For every successful player, there's a couple that just can't put it altogether, but Bobby Wood might be the savior Hamburg needs.

Across the continent, DeAndre Yedlin plies his trade in the Championship with Newcastle, and they are charging for promotion. When you are playing well, things just seem to go your way, like this goal which can only be described as pinball-esque.

Anything that inspires future players is great, specifically the #SheBelieves movement is doing amazing things to inspire girls to play the game.


In news that directly impacts a Sounders rumor, the AC Milan sale might be.....yes you guessed it, delayed again.

Every league in Europe tries to beat one another in spending. Though the Brits usually win, this year it's the China Super League outspending all of them.

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