Talgrath's MLS Roundup Week 2

So, I'm going to try doing this semi-weekly (because sometimes I'm super busy and all) round up of all things MLS outside of the Sounders.

Minnesota United Don't Have a Clue

There will be a lot of finger-pointing in Minnesota, I think. Fingers pointed at the defense, fingers pointed at coach Adrian Heath and maybe even a few pointed at the referee, but I think the blame lies squarely with ownership here. Not spending money on designated players may not seem like a total deal breaker, but it indicates an ownership group that doesn't have a clue on how they want to build their roster. You're in the big leagues now Minnesota, you're going to have to spend some money and you're going to need to have a clear vision of what you want. Hiring Adrian Heath as coach was, I think, another mistake, but one perhaps less egregious than simply not spending money where it needed to be spent; hopefully for the Loons ownership can right the ship come the summer window, but it's a long, ugly slog until then.

Bedoya Kinda Has a Point

So a lot has been made of Bedoya's comments on Altidore's penalty kick in the Toronto vs Philadelphia match, but not a lot of people have actually looked at the PK call or watched Bedoya's comments on video. First, I do think Bedoya is trying to make a joke here, but you can judge for yourself:

Bedoya Interview

(If the video doesn't automatically jump to it, the question and his comment starts at 6:20)

But let's say it wasn't a joke, does Bedoya have a point? Looking at the penalty call, I think so.

Toronto PK

(Relevant bit starts at 2:10 if the video doesn't jump to it)

The Union defender does have a hand on him, but Altidore goes down like he was rugby tackled. Should it still be a PK? Probably, hard to tell for sure without a more definite replay. But, I do think Altidore goes down a little too easily for such a big man at times myself. Either way, I think Bedoya misread the situation and the context and comes off looking like an ass, but he does have a point.

The LA Galaxy Will Struggle

Anyone that thought the LA Galaxy would weather the storm of losing both Robbie Keane and Bruce Arena in the same offseason without trouble should be thoroughly disabused of the notion now. The fact is that this will be a transition, Onalfo tends to have the most success with youth teams and finding young talent, pretty much the exact opposite of Bruce Arena, and a transition from "old veterans squad" to "youth and speed" oriented squad wont' be simple and there will be some growing pains. Coaching a young player looking for their shot at stardom is a lot different from coaching someone like Giovanni Dos Santos who can tell you to go to hell and still walk away with millions of dollars and another job offer. The question then, is whether the LA Galaxy brass and the fans are willing to give Onalfo enough time to work on the transition, I suspect the answer may be no.

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