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Champions. What’s next? A story of Hype.

One down.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in the history of the Seattle Sounders, they start a season as defending MLS Cup Champions, with a star shining high above the crest. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, their meteoric rise from the depths of squalor to the pinnacle of excellence was a whirlwind for all to behold. Breathlessly we beheld the majesty of victory. Our eyes, twinkling from the beauty laid before us, dared not to blink, so as not to miss any moment of this history.

On the eve of a new chapter, I ask you: now what? As a team we've reached the top of the impossible mountain and planted our flag. We've accomplished that one organizational goal that was paramount above all else. We did it. We are the champions. So now what?

To Hype, or not to Hype, that is the question.

But what is the answer?

Of course it's to HYPE! When you GET HYPE you win trophies!


When you GET HYPE people don't judge you for your actions.


When you GET HYPE the rhythm gets you.


When you GET HYPE there's nothing that can stand in your way.


Listen up, I know you're probably sitting there at your desk or riding a bus or laying in bed with hot cheetos staining your fingers and your scroll wheel. You're thinking about how it's hard to get so hype after such a hype filled last season. You're wrong.

You're so wrong. In fact, you're almost so wrong it almost offsets how handsome you are (it doesn't, don't worry, because you, like all Sounders fans, are exceedingly handsome), but instead of me just telling you that you're wrong, allow me to explain why you're wrong.

Reason #1

Reason #2

According to Greek legend, the Hydra is the offspring of Typhon and Echidna, an immense beast with nine heads, who, if one of the nine heads was removed, had the ability to regrow two heads in its place, making it an even more formidable, insurmountable beast. There is no stopping the Hydra. There is only acquiescence. Hail it. Hail it hard.

Reason #3

Reason #4

There's always an opportunity to improve. These men who suit up for the Sounders are motivated by being the best and by winning. What's better than winning one MLS Cup? Winning more MLS Cups, and that's just what they're going to do. Don't stop Hype. Never stop Hype.

Reason #5

Reason #6

This is only the beginning.

Get Hype. Seattle Sounders. 2017 Champions. You heard it here first.

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