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Nico Lodeiro’s stunning goal should be crushing the GotW competition

Somehow, he’s only a few points ahead of Darlington Nagbe’s totally average strike.

UPDATE: We did it, fam.

Nicolas Lodeiro scored one of the most amazing goals in MLS this season. In case you somehow forgot in the frustration over the ultimate result, let me remind you: Lodeiro took Clint Dempsey’s blocked free kick out of the air on the outside of his left boot, somehow threaded it through a wall of three defenders standing just a couple feet away and through a sea of deeper defenders and kissed it off the inside of the far post. Right now, it’s probably the most impressive goal anyone has scored in MLS, if we’re simply basing it on degree of difficulty.

As it should be, Lodeiro’s strike is currently leading the Goal of the Week contest. What’s ridiculous is that it’s only beating Darlington Nagbe’s completely run-of-the-mill strike by a few percentage points. Watch this and tell me that’s not a gross miscarriage of justice:

NOTE: Don’t follow the link above, follow this. For some reason, the link above won’t let you vote.

We haven’t done as many of these types of posts recently, but Lodeiro’s strike was just so good. It should be winning in a landslide. Let’s make it happen.

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