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Let’s not forget Sounders-Whitecaps is the ‘original Cascadia rivalry’

It's no Last Jedi but this is a damn good Sounders hype trailer.

Given the current state of the Cascadia Cup rivalry, it’s easy enough to forget that the history between the Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps actually predates the Portland Timbers. After watching this wonderful video, that’s unlikely to be an issue going forward:

With Sounders legend Dave Gillett narrating, we’re reminded that the Sounders-Whitecaps rivalry is the original Cascadia rivalry. We’re also reminded that it was born in a tumultuous time in our country’s history with the Watergate scandal casting a shadow over just about everything.

But we’re also reminded that this rivalry — while possibly taking a back seat to the one with our southern neighbors — remains important and that the team’s sense of shared past is as strong as ever. As Gillett says “In the beginning, we needed them, they needed us. But that doesn’t mean we liked each other.”

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