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With two days off the Sounders scatter throughout the region

Players headed to the mountains, spent time with family and spread the love of Seattle.

Rattlesnake Lake
Atomic Taco

With a rare break in scheduled practices and games that was actually two days in a row and on the weekend, the Seattle Sounders players were able to relax a bit. Usually off days are in middle of the week and just a single day. Having the same days off as their friends and family is rare. Several Sounders took advantage of that, but the sting of losing on Friday night diminished their ability to to purely enjoy the decent weather and lack of practices.

“I went out to Rattlesnake Ridge, hiked up there. That was my first time going there,” Will Bruin said after Monday’s practice. “Our schedule's been pretty hectic through the beginning of the season, so having that two days off to kind of regroup mentally is a help. It would have been nice to have two days off with some points in hand, but it makes you want to get back out to training today and get going on Sunday.”

A couple Sounders stayed up in Canada to take in the northern neighbor. Brian Schmetzer told media he “Enjoyed a couple days off. Stayed up in Vancouver, it's a nice city.”

While we aren’t certain exactly where Osvaldo Alonso was, this looks quite a bit like touring British Columbia coast via small airplane.

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Family time

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For Henry Wingo it was a time to remain grounded. The first year pro has plenty of friends and family from when being a soccer player was just a dream. “Just get downtime. Obviously, being around Seattle is good. Being around my family and being able to go home to see my mom, see my brother and just relaxing - hanging out with people who keep me down [to earth]. Just, my family and friends”

The least surprising news is that Cristian Roldan spent some time with Jordan Morris. Seattle’s adopted son also spent time teaching others how to live where he lives. “I went to Jordan’s aunt’s house for Easter, ate some good food. Then I met with Tyler as he got back from S2. We played some pitch & putt at Green Lake, enjoyed that. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I think I showed improvement. We did that and my brother tagged along as well. We were able to hang out with the guys and enjoy, somewhat, of the sunshine.”

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