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Seahawks schedule means no football lines, at least until the Playoffs

Sharing CenturyLink Field is good (lots of space for fans, branding, downtown location), but sometimes it leads to NFL lines. In 2017 that shouldn’t be too much of a problem until the postseason.

Football lines for soccer

Since 2009, the Seattle Sounders have only played with NFL lines on three occasions. In 2017 they will only add to that total of the Sounders make the MLS Cup Playoffs. Thursday’s release if the Seattle Seahawks schedule shows no conflicts during the regular season.

The August 18 preseason game between the Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings should give CenturyLink Field plenty of time to get ready for the August 20 match between the Sounders and Minnesota United. It is also a great reason to expect a lot of Minnesota sports fans in Seattle.

No other Seahawks home games are within 48 hours of a Sounders home game. The MLS Cup Playoff schedule is not yet announced. There are several possible conflicts during the postseason.

Oct. 29 the Seahawks host Houston Texans at 1:05 PM
Nov. 5 the Seahawks host Washington Redskins at 1:05 PM
Nov. 20 the Seahawks host Atlanta Falcons at 5:30 PM
Dec. 3 the Seahawks host the Philadelphia Eagles at 5:30 PM

How those impact the Sounders would vary based on their seeding. It is possible that Sunday October 29 the Sounders would be hosting the Western Conference Semifinals, but only if they advanced out of the knockout round. If the Sounders earn a first round bye they would likely host on November 5.

Basically, the first two-leg round of the MLS Cup Playoffs is bad for Seattle Sounders FC. It would almost certainly mean a game on Friday, Monday or Tuesday nights. The November 20 Seahawks game is Monday Night Football and easy for MLS to avoid. December 3 is almost certainly a bye week before the MLS Cup.

The full Seahawks schedule follows;

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