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Listen to Osvaldo Alonso’s equalizer in Spanish

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This really captures the emotion.

Ozzie, you magnificent bastard, we love you
Ozzie, you magnificent bastard, we love you
Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

CenturyLink Field was absolutely buzzing when Nicolas Lodeiro prepared to take a corner kick as the Seattle Sounders were pushing for the equalizing goal late in Saturday’s game. When Osvaldo Alonso’s header hit the back of the net, the stadium absolutely exploded in joy.

Chances are, you were probably either there or watching the game on Q13. You’ve surely heard Keith Costigan’s call. It’s good. But chances are, you have not yet heard the call from Jaime Mendéz on Univision-Seattle (KUNS), the local Spanish-language Sounders broadcaster. It’s awesome.

Mendéz was working the booth with former Sounders defender Jhon Kennedy Hurtado. With Hurtado mid-thought, Mendéz cuts in as he sees Gustav Svensson’s flicked header going to a wide open Alonso. He anticipates it well and his call captures the mood in the stadium perfectly.

It’s no wonder Mendéz got chills from listening to himself. The moment felt that big and he captured that well.