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Now Online: The Life of Brian (Schmetzer)

Washington State Legends of Soccer has posted their video of Brian Schmetzer: This Is Your Life. Suddenly there's a whole new dimension to the Sounders FC coach.

While it was a standing-room, one-night-only affair, you now can absorb all the stories and banter from Brian Schmetzer: This Is Your Life, and do so from a comfortable chair.

Washington State Legends of Soccer has produced their video of the event, held Feb. 28 at The Market Arms. It's available, commercial free, in four segments, on the Legends YouTube channel.

As everyone knows, Schmetzer is the local lad who made good, growing up in Lake City and going on to play for virtually every pro club ever to put down roots in Puget Sound. As coach, he was part of three Seattle championships (CISL, USL) before taking the Sounders' helm last summer and steering them from the depths to the magical heights of an MLS Cup.

But just when you think you know Schmetzer, friends and family step forward to form a more layered narrative. By watching, you will learn the answers to such questions as these:

  • Where did Brian fall in the list of options in Sounders interim coaching search?
  • Who was always getting young Brian in trouble around the neighborhood?
  • What did Brian's mom call him and why?
  • What Game of Thrones weaponry did Brian once weald?
  • Who comes clean about a long-ago injury sustained by Brian?
  • Who manages to get Brian verklempt via a video message?
  • While breaking the Tacoma Stars curfew, where did Brian go and what did he covet?
  • What word usage got Brian reprimanded by a small child?
  • What did two formers Sounders teammates of Brian do in the instant after the Sounders won the Cup?
  • Who was thrown out of Sounders training sessions at least seven times?

Each of the answers can be found in an entertaining flow of conversations between Brian, Master of Ceremonies Mike Gastineau and the following guest speakers: Adrian Hanauer, Jim Kirk, Alan Hinton, Chance Fry, Walt Schmetzer, Andy Schmetzer, Fernando Clavijo, Jimmy Gabriel, Tom Dutra and Zach Scott.

About the Washington State Legends of Soccer

Washington State Legends of Soccer is a non-profit (501(c)3) volunteer organization founded in 2014 with the goal of providing a forum where the works and accomplishments of the game and its people from all levels and associations can be preserved, recognized and celebrated, and where new generations can be engaged, educated and enthused about soccer and move it forward. In so doing, our soccer community not only grows in numbers, but grows closer. Together, we're better. For more information, visit Facebook and follow on Twitter at @WA_Legends.

Board members: Doug Andreassen, Debbie Barlow, Jim Boyle, Peter Fewing, Alan Hinton, Leann Johnson, Gordon Lacey, Frank MacDonald, Cliff McCrath, Maya Mendoza-Exstrom, Tafara Pulse, Dan Vaughn, Gary Wright, Joe Zavaglia

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