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This video shows how much equalizer meant to Stefan Frei

TL;DR it was a lot.

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Stefan Frei knew he messed up (and even used far more colorful language in his mea culpa). He knew that his flub was potentially going to cost the Seattle Sounders. And maybe it did. But when Osvaldo Alonso’s header hit the back of the net, there probably wasn’t anyone more relieved than Frei. You can hear it in his voice during the postgame media scrum.

Unless you were sitting in the North End, though, you probably didn’t actually see Frei’s relief in real time. Now you can, thanks to this video:

You have to watch this closely, but the blurry thing in the bottom corner is Frei basically crumpling to the ground. I’m certainly no expert in judging the reactions of goalkeepers whenever their team scores late, but this one seemed to mean a little extra to Frei.

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