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Why is Andy Craven apologizing on Twitter?

Looks like he got ejected for a pretty nasty elbow.

We here at Sounder at Heart like to keep tabs on our former players. So it was with some interest that we saw Andy Craven taking to Twitter to issue a public apology:

To say we were a bit taken aback by this is an understatement. Whatever you may have thought of Craven’s skills, he never gave off any hint of being a dirty player. That got us scrambling to find out what he was talking about. Twitter didn’t let us down:

Oh, that doesn’t sound good. But surely, there’s something like a reasonable explanation ... so we looked for video. We found it. Here’s the incident:

Craven clearly lines up his opponent and knows exactly what he’s doing here, even if he almost immediately seems to realize he messed up. That the referee is right there and immediately issues the red illustrates just how brazen this was.

What prompted it? Hard to know.

A few moments earlier, Craven was jostling with another player. Not only was it a different one than the guy he clocks here, but Craven had only even entered the match about 20 minutes earlier. It’s a strange thing to do and seemingly out of character.

Either way, Craven will rightfully get a suspension for this.

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