You. Me. Memorial. Saturday at 1:00.

Last week at Providence Park, the Thorns turned out more than 16,000 people. Two weeks ago in Seattle, the Reign turned out roughly 2,700. Does this not wound your pride, Seattle? Are you really going to allow yourselves to be so thoroughly outdone by Kansas City of all places? Are we not better than this? In four-plus seasons, your Seattle Reign FC have won two Shields and 43 games. Let's support them like they've always deserved.

The Washington Spirit are coming to visit, and it is imperative that we deliver unto them a crushing blow the likes of which they have never experienced.

Go for the Reign. Go for Seattle. Go for America.

Go to Memorial because in her last game, Jess Fishlock did this.

Because at any moment, Megan Rapinoe could do this.

Because at any moment, Naho Kawasumi could do this.

Because Portland took our Shield last year, and we want it back.

Because this is our Sound, and there's a 100% chance of Reign. We'll be in the lower grandstand, with drums and smoke and flags and all the cheers we can muster.

Won't you join us there?

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