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ECS tifo: Brian Schmetzer is ‘Rightful King’

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That’s more like it.

SEATTLE — Not that they needed to prove their tifo-bonafides to anyone, but ECS came through in a big way for their first home game against the Portland Timbers.

The image depicts Brian Schmetzer sitting on a throne surrounded by the MLS cup, US Open Cup and Supporters’ Shield with a NASL-era ball at his feet.

“It meant a lot,” Schmetzer said about the tifo in his opening remarks.

“It’s a little emotional now when I think about it. At the moment, I was still kind of in game mode. I was surprised, I was taken aback. When you reflect – when you give yourself time to reflect – maybe you get a few more emotions. And certainly the emotions of a big win come out. I’m proud of the effort that the guys put in to help this day be a success, because I know that the tifo people did a good job. They worked hard, long hours. The fans that were in the building made it special, as well. What maybe gave me more chills was in the walk-out when the fans were clapping and [doing the] ‘boom-boom-clap’, and then the players are coming and then the applause. We completely drowned out the opponent’s fan section and it was really good.”