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Boom-boom clap draws praise from players and coach

The volume of the traditional walk-in overwhelmed the traveling fans’ tradition.

ECS leads the boom-boom-clap
Photo credit - MikeRussellFoto

Just as the MLS anthem played both teams started their walk out. In Portland that means that the Timbers Army leads P-T, F-C. They have a drum with a double beat that sounds the constant rhythm. In Seattle, that same time is when the iconic boom-boom-clap starts with its slow-to-fast arrhythmic beats.

The TA’s drum led to early clapping in CenturyLink Field. Fans not in ECS were a bit confused, but then ECS drummed as loud as they’ve ever drummed — BOOM-BOOM and a stadium-wide clap followed. In our video from the pregame, you can hear the “P-T-F-C” chant drowned out as “boom-boom-clap” picks up.

Pregame for sounders-timbers

Posted by Sounder at Heart on Saturday, May 27, 2017

“The fans that were in the building made it special, as well,” Coach Brian Schmetzer said postgame. “What maybe gave me more chills was in the walk-out when the fans were clapping and [doing the] ‘boom-boom-clap’, and then the players are coming and then the applause. We completely drowned out the opponent’s fan section and it was really good.”

The praise extended beyond the coach.

The four-letter chant from the corner 300s was no more, or at least no longer relevant. The invading Timbers Army was not silent. They were overwhelmed.

nos audietis in somniis indeed

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