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Hope Solo makes compelling case for becoming Commissioner of Women’s Football

And the video co-stars Eric Cantona.

There are two big takeaways from EuroSport’s video proclaiming Hope Solo the new commissioner of women’s football.

  1. She does not have a future in acting.
  2. Despite this obvious flaw, she’s won us over with her platform.

There’s no denying that there are some awkward moments in this video, the root of which is Solo’s rather wooden reading of many of her lines. Still, she manages to make it work by simply committing to the bit and having some pretty good lines.

Some of the best ones:

  • On UEFA official Zbigniew Boniek’s comments about women’s input in the game: “How about my foot in your b**ls?”
  • On women’s football having their own Neymar or Messi: “I’ve never even heard of a woman player having enough money to even think of tax evasion.”
  • On critics saying women’s football isn’t fast or spectacular enough: “Well gentlemen, a word of advice, if it’s too quick, it’s not necessarily spectacular.”

That Eric Cantona is a very eager participant and she rocks a Seattle Reign hat only serves to make it even better.

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