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Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers: Open Cup postgame survey

We’re doing something a little different this week with so many lesser-known players taking the pitch at Starfire.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

The first 24 minutes or so of the Seattle Sounders’ fourth round US Open Cup matchup against the Portland Timbers may never be seen again, thanks to the replay of the YouTube stream beginning only partway through the match. Further, we saw a lineup of mostly Sounders FC 2 players in the 2-1 victory, and many of us are at least somewhat unfamiliar with their play outside of this game. So instead of number rating them by MLS game standards, let’s talk about which players we found exciting and possibly ready to play at a higher level.

On the form below, you’ll be able to select the level at which you think each player could contribute to the First Team this season. We are also curious which player may have surprised you with their quality, and which might spur you to watch the next S2 match to see them work.

A starter is someone who could start a majority of remaining first team games. A rotational player would appear in a majority of games while starting at least a third of them. A bench player would be a regular in the 18 and get rare starts. An emergency player would only start with a massive string of injuries/callups/suspensions and would rarely be in 18.

Note: In case this form doesn’t render correctly on this page, here is a direct link to the form. We hope that allows everyone to submit a response.

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