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The sound of green thundered

nos audietis in somniis | nos audietis in altum

Bluest Skies

Sounders FC were kind enough to invite some of the SB Nation crew to experience a different perspective at the Portland match in Seattle a few weeks ago. As part of that experience, we got a behind the scenes look at the press operations and other behind the scenes perspectives. The small price we paid was to tamp down our support for one game to the psuedo-neutral perspective of the media. I decided to wander down and experience the pre-game ceremonies from the pitch. Inspired to write by the glory of that moment, enjoying the chants and cheers of ECS, with the field and blue skies in front of me, I felt compelled to write something to commemorate that moment.

The Sound of Green thundered
Under skies of clear blue
In shadows, evil lurked
In brightness, heroes raved
Noise crashed in waves
From drums, from speakers, from lungs
As one the darkness raised a voice
Valiant in their effort, yet
Soon drowned by their greener enemies

The turf lay baking, emissing heat
From the sun-drenched day
The ground ached from the tease
Of the taste of the acrid player’s soles
All yet lay in wait

Songs rising, pulses quickening
Skin frying, tears brimming
All knew the coming ninety plus minutes
Would leave one side destitute, despoiled
Opportunity missed, seasons slipping

Flags waving, fans found their feet
Stefan! Frei! The call and repeat
Drinks in hand, chants screamed
The support boomed from the rafters
Boom! Boom! Clap! The sweat fueled cry

The chant’s echoes brought
a rallying cry from the darkness
Bathed in fire, the green of youth and vitality
Retaliated with voices raised double
Smothering the weak invaders
The banner of the Rightful King raised
And he sent his men to fight under the thundering sound of Green

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