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Imagine attempting to play soccer in this heat

Thank MLS, ESPN and both teams for changing the kickoff time.

We cannot say this enough. The unique conditions at Providence Park combined with the heat wave coming through the Pacific Northwest will impact the game. Thankfully it is much less likely to impact the health of players, now that the start time was switched to 7:30 PM.

If it stayed in the midday lives would be in danger.

That is hot enough that every single meat product is safe to eat when cooked to that temperature. Many of them would be overdone even.

These are close to the temperatures when athletes’ shoes melt.

Between watering the field, the shade extending over the turf and the slightly cooler temperatures in the evening the game should be less of a health risk. There will be water breaks if the wet bulb globe temperature is over 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Everyone in the stadium should hydrate during any break in action.

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