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Rare on-field surrender cobra spotted

Yes, that’s Jake Gleeson sporting the viral symbol of the defeated fan.

In moments when your team snatches defeat from the jaws of victory your hands go up on your head and your mouth drops open, stunned. You have become the surrender cobra. This wild beast is a regular at college sporting events, but you’ve probably done it yourself. You just may have done it when Orlando City scored (I did).

Here you can see a half-dozen Portland Timbers fans in the pose.

The much rarer surrender cobra is the one by a player — in this case Timbers keeper Jake Gleeson is spotted.

This sight is in some ways similar to the “oh face” that Jon Busch made famous.

Sounders vs Quakes 051714

Sometimes all a player can do is appreciate a spectacular moment like the goal Clint Dempsey scored. Gleeson does this, just as fans of his team did.

Here’s a video showing the surrender cobra in various American football games.

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