Are we supposed to not care?

Like most of you I am a lifelong die-hard fan of SSFC. Much to my wife's despair, my thoughts aren't far from this team, or this sport. That means that I have some sort of illusionary(sic) emotional connection to the Rave Green.

I attend almost every match with a vested emotional interest. I want to believe that the players and FO care as much about this club as I do. As many of us do. The same goes for away matches. Even though I can't afford to travel as much as I'd like I still watch with hope.

I don't just want my team to win, I want them to show up. I want them to care about me, not me personally but me the fan. And you too, We deserve to have a product on the field that cares to represent the Crest and the colors. Not just make the 18 or the starting 11.

I don't want a front office that simply talks depth in lieu of bringing in talent. Yes, the American player needs pitch time to gain professional experience and I am a strong supporter of growing the American game. Not at the cost. however, of being a training squad.

We, as fans, drop thousands of dollars in tickets and merch. We pay our hostage rate parking fees for home matches. We support our boys in ALL competitions. The Sounders enjoy the BEST travelling fans in the league. We even spend our non-match time thinking and talking about our boys. Why, because we CARE!

But are we supposed to? Anymore, that is?

Last season we saw a formation change that even with the loss of key personnel was tried over and over and over. Result: worst start to a season in club history. Change to that philosophy and personnel helped us win our first championship.

This season we see new players in almost every match. Yes, I am aware of injuries and Int'l call ups, but my point is that the depth the FO talks about isn't there and we see a lack of quality that makes it difficult to even watch at times. And, to continue to go to that pool over and over again (see a pattern) makes me wonder if it's even worth caring about anymore (this season that is)?

But that's not even my biggest bitch. The US Open Cup Match in San Jose is what prompted me to write this. Why? Who are the following players: Samuel Rogers, Ray Saari, Francisco Narbon, Irvin Parra & David Olson? I have nothing against these guys and they all deserve an opportunity to play. But, against another MLS squad that started many of it's first team starters? Are we, the club that is, no longer caring about titles and trophy's in all competitions? If not why should I/we care?

Next, I would love to have been able to watch these guys work and get to know them. But, as a league and a franchise they obviously don't care enough to offer a watchable broadcast that doesn't require searching multiple websites or streams in order to find a choppy unwatchable match with some sort of professional commentator. Pure Rubbish!!!

I was so looking forward to watching this match. Not because it's Open Cup but because it's my team. My boys in green. After spending much time trying to simply locate the match I was stuck trying to find a way to watch it on a screen that I could actually see it on and then to hear the SJ broadcast. Finally getting this working and ready to settle in, which by the way was about minute 14, already down 0-1, the stream couldn't keep up and pixelation hell set in. I gave up. I couldn't even watch the new guys. Again to my wife's dismay as she had to watch and listen to my anger and disappointment as I cursed the very team I love for leaving me out.

So why should I care? If the FO can't, or wont, deliver on the pitch; or can't/wont deliver watchable solutions and yet continue to request my caring dollars. (I have to also include here US Soccer in broadcasting on networks that many people either don't have access to or are broadcast in non-English language, WTF is that?) Why should I continue to care?

I do and I will continue to do so. My passion for this team runs deeper than a single season. I'm in it for the long haul. But, IMHO something needs to change. We, the fans, need and deserve better treatment. Winning for me isn't about balls in the back of the net, it helps of course, but it's more about reciprocating the care back to us, the faithful fans.


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