Dreaming Of Derlis Gonzalez

We finally got a rumor to lick our chops over with the news of young Paraguayan attacker/winger being linked to a move to our beloved Sounders. He looks every bit the part of what we need outside of right back.

Too often when the Sounders have retained the ball this year the attack slows down with the only real counter attacking option being a long ball over the top to Jordan Morris who still says himself he is not 100% on that ankle. Now enter in a speedy winger on the other side and right away tons of pressure will be off of Morris and the attack as a whole. With Gonzalez on the right wing Lodeiro can focus less on filling that void on the right wing and more on feeding balls to all his weapons. Already he'll be doing less running which could focus him back into good form. Morris should regain some good form at some point you'd think.

Thing is Morris is not a true winger. I mean yes, he has the speed to stretch the defense be he cuts in on that right foot so often that he clogs the box forcing Jones to provide the width on the left. I think we saw in last night's open cup match even down a man the space and danger a true speedy winger who stays wide can create. Joevin Jones has probably been our most dangerous player this year because he's filled that void as a left back all season. Imagine having a real winger on the right, and inverted winger on the left, and then the added bonus of a left wing back who can shift to the attack late in games to provide a late goal with his prototype Nouhou filling in behind him.

Folks, the threat Derlis presents is the missing piece we need. He doesn't even have to score many goals, just being a threat and providing width on the right side will unleash our talented attack. Now there is one dilemma; what do we do with Dempsay? Do we shift back to the 4-3-3?

Morris Dempsay Gonzalez

Alonso Lodeiro Roldan

Jones Marshal Torres Evans


Ok maybe more of a 4-2--1-2-1. In this scenario I'm thinking a more defensive, counter attack oriented 4-3-3 with Roldan and Alonso maintaining their pairing but giving lodeiro the freedom he needs to stay high and unleash the counter. The problem Dempsay poses is he tends to want to be a part of creating the attack. We need him to become a true striker and nothing else otherwise he clogs things up for Lodeiro. At 35 you have to wonder if he just doesn't have the speed to pose as that threat anymore. I think those who've been watching Man United and Wayne Rooney's decline can see the exact same thing happening. Rooney has tried to hide his loss of pace on the ball by becoming more of a creator instead of a true scoring threat up top. Because of that he's become a liability to go 90 but still a good threat coming off the bench. Is that where Dempsay is, a super sub in MLS? Maybe we need to get comfortable with him coming off the bench in some games to preserve his legs for the playoffs. Here's my 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 without him;

Jones Morris Derlis

Alonso Lodeiro Roldan

Nouhou Marshall Torres Evans


To me this lineup creates so much more explosion in the attack by creating width wide with all three attackers becoming a threat on the counter. You still have the ability to slow things down to maintain possession if you want, I just don't understand why they want to do that there's not enough flare outside of Dempsay and Lodeiro to unlock the defense in tight spaces. With that slow buildup philosophy they most often turn into hopeful crosses into the box. Have one attacking field general (Lodeiro), and three missiles to launch in Jones, Morris, and Derlis with the ace in the whole being Dempsay off the bench.

I'd go into the possibility of a 4-4-2 with Dempsay and Morris up top but I need to go and I think Iv'e dug a little too deep already into something that is only a rumor. I'd love your insight in the comments.

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