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Tonight we can be the noise that haunts dreams

Tonight we can be the beast that emerges from deep

My feet do not tire, for I march

My voice does not fail, for I sing

I am the noise that haunts your dreams

I am the monster of the deep

I am thousands

I am history

I am present

I am nightmares

I am a Sounder

nos audietis in somniis

nos audietis in altum

Your voices are heard. They are heard by the players. They are heard by the coach. They are heard by the opponents. Your voice, your sound, it is the only influence you have on the game.

“You guys always help. In that Portland match, the walk out, it inspired a bunch of guys, it inspired me,” Brian Schmetzer said after a practice ages ago.

Photo credit - MikeRussellFoto

“The players always hear the voices, so the louder it can be, the better for me,” coach relayed to us.

Cell phone pic from inside the GA Dave Clark

Unlike so many of the losses, this home game can help the race against that red line just a bit more. “It’s a Western Conference opponent,” Schmetz reminds us all. “It’s going to be a tough game, but I think the players understand the significance of inter-conference games, so we’ll be up for it.”

You will hear us in your sleep. You will hear us from the deep. This is our Sound.

Our voice is a declarative statement to the opponent, a soft comfort to our allies and family. We are the Seattle Sounders — all of us in Rave Green, Capitol Blue, Cascade Shale, Heritage White, a rainbow of support. Our colors are both bright and dark, like our skies and seas.

MLS Western Conference Final, Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy: Photos Mike Russell Foto

We are the mountains, the valleys, the pines, the leviathan.

We are the Sound of Soccer.

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