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Jordan Morris always finds time for fellow diabetics

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He’s a good kid.

Jordan Morris is a pretty busy guy. I’m told that he routinely has media requests almost every day. Yet, he’s constantly carving out time in his schedule to do things like this, where he meets with a 9-year-old named Aiden who has Type-1 diabetes. Morris, of course, has diabetes as well and rarely misses an opportunity to use his own story as motivation for others.

In this meeting, we see Morris comparing insulin pumps and exchanging fruit-snack tips. (Aiden apparently prefers Welch’s while Morris goes with Tree Top.) They also trade jerseys, with Morris getting a personalized version of Aiden’s club while Morris only manages a blank USMNT shirt (U.S. Soccer clearly owes this kid a name and number).

The kicker, though, has to be Aiden being introduced to Stuart Holden and Landon Donovan, who of course introduces himself as “Landon Donovan.”