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Clint Dempsey, gasp!, will wear a new number at Gold Cup

Rules dictate that he and the other recent call-ins must wear Nos. 24-29.

Clint Dempsey is well known at the club level for wearing the No. 2 shirt. With the United States national team, he’s almost always wearing the No. 8.

Well, he’ll be sporting a new number when he takes the field for the knockout stages of this year’s Gold Cup.

Due to tournament rules, he and the other five players recently called in can only select from Nos. 24-29 (numbers previously untaken). As a result, he’ll be rocking the No. 28 shirt, a combination of his normal club and country numbers. As luck would have it, Jordan Morris has been and will continue to wear the No. 8 shirt during the Gold Cup.

Weird as it may seem, this is actually at least the fourth different number Dempsey has worn for the USMNT. His first-ever goal came while he was wearing the No. 2 shirt. Although he started wearing the No. 8 shortly thereafter, he also briefly wore the No. 10 when Jurgen Klinsmann decided he wanted all his player wearing the number that corresponded to their positions.

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